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Prime Rewards is a simple and easy to use points-based customer loyalty reward program designed for modern retailers. It’s a powerful tool for retailers to manage their customer relationship, customer engagement and brand loyalty. They’re useful because points are easy to earn and redeem. Customers can redeem points for:

  • Credit toward their next purchase
  • Discounted services
  • Customers can track points using Prime Rewards mobile app

Points based program is popular and recognizable format for customers—they understand how to take advantage of it and enjoy the experience.

Loyalty cards are outdated, Mobile app-based loyalty is in.

Prime Rewards is a easy and convenient mobile loyalty program with a simple, use-friendly mobile application.

Most Trusted Loyalty Reward Platform

Top Loyalty Reward Programs - How it works?

Add Your Customer

Easily add your customer into Prime Rewards application.

Reward them with points

Reward them with points each time they do a transaction. Customer collect points every time they shop, based on how much you spend. These points are instantly added to customer's wallet and it can be redeemed during future purchases.

Create personalized offers

Create exclusive offers or special (limited) offers and communicate it to their target customers.

prime rewards - how it works

Benefits to retailers

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

75 percent of customers make purchasing decisions based on their experience with a brand. 80 percent of the customer feel customer experience is more important to them now than it was a year ago. Prime Rewards Loyalty program can help you build a more engaging experience and improve customer relations.

Strong word-of-mouth marketing

Prime Rewards Loyalty program can also encourage word-of-mouth marketing, especially when customers get rewarded for telling others about your brand. For instance, you can reward customers with a discount for providing a review on Yelp. Or When a customer refers a friend, for example, you can reward the customer with points.

Differentiate your brand from your competitors

Implementing Prime Rewards Loyalty program is a great way to stand out from other brands that may not already have one. Prime Rewards program can:
* Give customers another reason to engage with your brand.
* Provide rewards that allow customers to purchase products at a lower price than your competitors

Superior Customer Engagement

Customers who've opted in to be a part of Prime Rewards Loyalty program tend to be the most highly-engaged cohort among all of your segments. All you have to do is cater to what they tell you they want.
Prime Rewards members are:
* More likely to interact with you on social media, open and use the application frequently
* More incentivized to act, buy, and share

Benefits to Customers

One app for multiple brands

Manage rewards from your favorite brands using one simple and easy to use application. Say good bye to standalone rewards application which are less engaging.

Convenient mobile loyalty app

Prime rewards applications is designed and developed focusing on providing a superior customer experience by providing user-friendly interface and a simplistic design.

Free for user

Prime rewards application is a free application for the user and will remain so forever.

Frequently asked questions

For retailers

You can email us at , one of our team member will contact you within 24 hours.

We can launch in as quickly as a few hours. For most clients, we conduct some training so that you get the best use of the product, so as long as we can arrange that, we can launch ASAP.

We have global support wherever in the world you are. Our dedicated team will make sure you’re well taken care of. Your success is our Number 1 priority. If you find something lacking, feel free to write to us at

That’s the beauty of today’s cloud software. You don’t pay for any unnecessary cost – no IT cost, no server cost, no maintenance cost, nothing. You just pay a small subscription fee based on your usage. That’s it. Oh, and all the upgrades are completely free so you can be assured you’ll always have an outstanding solution.

For users

Prime Rewards is a simple and easy to use points-based customer loyalty program designed for modern retailers.

Step 1: Retailer will add the user in their system

Step 2: User will get an email with login details. You can download the Prime Rewards Application from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

Your username is your email id that you used to activate the account.

You can do this in your Prime Rewards App, in the “Home Page & Wallet Section”.

Yes, Wallet expiry is set by each retailers.

You would be able to redeem the wallet balance at the respective brands where you made the purchase.

Download the Prime Rewards App & register your details in order to start earning

Start spending at participating brands in store

Notify the cashier that you have the prime Rewards App & the amount you want to redeem

Go to the Wallet section and click on Redeem. You will see a unique code in your mobile, share it with the cashier.

Start earning points as soon as you start spending at any participating brands on the Prime Rewards App.

Notify the cashier that you have the prime Rewards App and tell you’re your registered mobile no

Cashier will add points instantly

Get started with a demo

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