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Launch your own digital loyalty mobile application program using our white label platform

Launch a points-based customer loyalty program for your customers without worrying about technology.

Your brand mobile app

iOS, Android, Huawei

Your loyalty program

You set the rules for loyalty program

Customer Engagement

Build your brand loyalty

Built for you

Use it like it is yours.

White label loyalty app/program for your business

Implementing white label loyalty rewards program for your business can be an effective strategy to retain existing customers, attract new ones, and boost customer loyalty programs A white-label loyalty app program is one where you use a third-party loyalty platform but customize it to match your brand’s look and feel. Let’s work together in enhancing your customer loyalty and engagement.

Your branding

Make a loyalty mobile application for your brand, with your name on the splash screen, logo and app icon. Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Low pricing

Cost effective solution. Launch your loyalty program and delight your customers.

Drive repeat business and increase sales.

On average, businesses report a 35% increase in customer retention after successfully implementing the loyalty program.

Global IT support & services

Fully backed by our global support team and cloud network – to support your client base wherever.

Admin panel

Intuitive admin interface to manage client accounts, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues.

Make customers feel special

Launch a powerful loyalty marketing platform for your business. Your brand, your customers

White Label Loyalty Software

Present your company’s brand in front of your customers. You get a branded splash screen, logo and app icon in your mobile (iOS,Android & Huawei) apps.
Your brand mobile app
iOS, Android, Huawei
Your loyalty program
You set the rules for loyalty program
Customer Engagement
Build your brand loyalty
Built for you
Use it like it is yours.
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Partner Portal

It’s an intuitive admin panel that has the tools and resources to let our partners efficiently manage clients and proactively troubleshoot issues.
prime rewards partner portal

Marketing Platform

Communicate in-store offers and promotions with your customers

The platform serves as an effective marketing platform with mobile app to engage your customers and build customer loyalty. The benefits associated with loyalty and rewards apps include the ability to offer personalized customer experiences, they offer consumers, and the fact that they help retain customers and build better brand perception.

For users

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See what you get with your branded platform.

By launching a white label loyalty program or digital loyalty program for your business, you’ll enjoy all the remarkable characteristics of this loyalty management system in your brand. Here are the main benefits that you and your customers get.

Powerful analytics

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It can be a game-changer when it comes to implementing and optimizing a loyalty program for your business. By leveraging advanced data analysis techniques and technologies, you can gain deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and engagement, ultimately leading to a more effective loyalty program.
By analyzing visual data, you can observe customer behavior and business growth trends.
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Your Mobile Apps

apple app store
google play store
huawei app store
Your customers can use mobile apps, Android and iOS, similar to the Prime Rewards app available for download.

Integrate 3rd party tools.

Extend the data across your preferred business software using our APIs/webhooks.
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Frequently asked questions

A white label loyalty rewards program is a brandable digital loyalty management software that allows business owners to build brand loyalty, improve customer engagement and scale their businesses. A business owner can launch, own branded digital loyalty program without significant investment in software developers, UX/UI designers, and systems administrators.
Further reading:
Unfortunately, no. It is a subscription-based service platform deployed on the Amazon Web Service ; this means that in-house installation of its core loyalty management does not fall within our scope right now—but we might have options available when the business model shifts or expands.
The cost for branding web, iOS, and Android apps is one-time. The wild card, multi-domain SSL fee is to be paid once a year. The monthly subscription fees cover the server management, application support, updates, technical support and customer support for the loyalty platform.
For pricing, please write to

Yes, we can. This is how we built our platform: by listening to the customers who use it day in and day out. With their help, we were able to create a more robust loyalty management application.

The white label loyalty management software is a complete version of our master project, with additional features that may be added or expanded over time.

There are several benefits that come from branding and reselling our loyalty management platform.

Low-cost; you only pay a one-time, minimum development fee for branding the white label loyalty management system that comes with a mobile apps (for iOS, Android & Huawei), and a partner portal to manage your clients—and it includes priority technical support.

It is feature-rich and straightforward, with tools that wow your customers. It’s built to meet the needs of business owners—to fuel their success!

You only need focus on your core business and leave the loyalty management with us.

The platform backend is maintained, updated and supported by Prime Rewards -allowing you to focus on sales and leave the complex technology issues up to us.

It only takes a few weeks to launch your own loyalty program. The three-week timeframe includes setting up your digital loyalty app with SSL and submitting mobile apps for review by Apple/Play store / Huawei store.

It’s a low-cost, high-profit product. The loyalty management software is already developed and ready for sale — there’s no need to waste time or money developing your own software.

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