Royal Istanbul

Discover how Royal Istanbul, a popular Arabic restaurant in Qatar, has leveraged a digital loyalty program to bolster customer engagement and retention.

Case Study-A Popular Mediterranean Restaurant

Background –

Royal Istanbul Restaurant is a restaurant located in Qatar, serving a selection of Mandi, BBQ. The restaurant offers aromatic & traditional flavors of Turkey, cooked in house by well trained & experienced chefs and proud to serve you the tastiest.

The Brief

  • With a large pool of repeat customers who regularly dine at Royal Istanbul, the Mediterranean chain needed a way to reward these repeat customers for their loyalty using a rewards app. They wanted to reward their customers with rewards points for each visits.
  • Not forgetting to entice new customers to return a second time (and a third, and a fourth!).
  • Royal Istanbul approached Prime Rewards with a goal to create a points based mobile loyalty program that would increase customer retention and boost sales.

Case Study-A Popular Mediterranean Restaurant

Key Objectives

The key objective of launch a digital loyalty program was:

  • Motivate customers to make repeat purchases from the restaurant
  • Keep the Royal Istanbul brand front-of-mind for existing customers
  • Strengthen the emotional connection between the business and its customers
  • Reward loyalty in a way that is convenient for both the restaurant and the customer
  • Offer a seamless and cohesive loyalty program experience across all restaurant locations simultaneously


  • With the help of Prime Rewards, Royal Istanbul were able to:
  • Incentivise repeat purchases and upsize average transaction value
  • Strengthen the customer’s emotional connection to the Royal Istanbul brand
  • Quickly and easily on-board and reward loyalty program members
  • Allow customers to accrue points and redeem rewards across all restaurant locations
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